Canister Stoves

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MSR PocketRocket

The MSR PocketRocket is the most popular of all the canister stoves on the market. It’s lightweight, with a very simple design that makes it durable, and easy to use. The heat is adjustable, and when you're done, the three pot supports fold up to store the stove in a case that fits in the palm of your hand. The PocketRocket will continue to faithfully boil water and cook simple meals for anyone who needs a foolproof, compact stove.

Jetboil Flash

If you are looking for a compact and super efficient cooking system, the Jetboil Flash is an excellent option. The Jetboil cooking system comes with a 1L cooking pot; that attaches to the stove burner to prevent spills. An included tripod attaches to the fuel canister to give the cooking system a wider more stable base. This integrated system along with a removable insulation cozy and lid makes the Jetboil one of the fastest stove to boil water. The burner also features push button ignition. All of these components fit perfectly inside the pot when done, creating an extremely compact cooking system.

If you are planning on doing more than boiling water and making simple dishes, Jetboil also offers the wider shaped Jetboil MiniMo Cooking System, that is better for simmering and cooking more complex meals.

Snow Peak GigaPower Auto

The Snow Peak GigaPower Auto is an award winning stove that is extremely light and compact. However, the standout feature of this stove is the integrated push button ignition system that saves you the trouble of fiddling with matches or a lighter. The heat adjustment for this stove is very good, and it can even be used to simmer foods at lower temperatures, allowing you some cooking versatility. When you're finished cooking, the four supports fold in to store the stove in its small storage case.

The Snow Peak Giga Power Windscreen is a good option if you will be staying in a windy campsite and have trouble protecting the stove from the wind.

MSR Reactor Stove System

The award-winning MSR Reactor stove is different from other canister stoves because it uses a specially designed 1.7L pot that allows the stove to use convection and conduction to transfer heat. This unique design allows for rapid cooking times, excellent wind protection and very efficient fuel consumption. This means you need less fuel to boil water and won't need to worry about the burner getting blown out. The pot is sized so that it can hold the stove and one fuel canister for storage.

If you are looking for a more compact and complete cooking system, the MSR Windburner cooking system combines the features of the MSR Reactor stove with a 1L cooking pot, cup, tripod, lid and insulated cozy.

Accessories for canister stoves

If you want to prevent accidental spills and setup your cooking stove on rocky or uneven ground, check out the MSR Universal Fuel Canister Stand or the Jetboil Fuel Can Stabilizer. They are both designed to hold all of the common fuel canister sizes and fold down for storage.